Friday, February 3, 2012

Craigslist OC - How to Sell Your Stuff Quickly!

Before you go to Craigslist OC, you should stop for a second and read this blog. I'll share some secrets about ways to post your ad more effectively on Craigslist OC. And a more effective ad means you'll sell your stuff more quickly and get the most out of it by exposing your offer to more people.

Whether you're an individual selling unwanted household items or a small business owner trying to grow your company, these little tricks will help you optimize your ads.Ready to get started? Okay, let's go!

Use Photos on Craigslist OC

People love pictures! Not only do photos catch their eye, but prospective buyers like seeing what they're buying. It's kind of reassuring when they see some photos. They know the item actually exists. They get a better idea of the condition of the item.

Just snap a few pictures with your digital camera or smart phone and save them on your computer in the photo gallery. Then hit the "browse" button near the bottom of the editing box for the ad. Navigate to your photo gallery and select the photo you want.

Before you download a photo, make sure its size is no larger than 300 pixels wide. A photo larger than that will either take forever to download or it won't download at all. You can resize your photo by right-clicking the photo while in the gallery and choose "edit".

Insert Keywords Into Your Craigslist OC Ad

What is a keyword? It's a word that people might use while searching for a particular item. Craigslist has a search box and people use it to narrow down their search. This saves them time and gets them to what they're looking for quicker. When a keyword is typed into the search box, Craigslist finds all ads with that keyword in it.

The more RELEVANT keywords your ad has, the more people will find it. Relevancy is important. If you're selling tires, don't include keywords like "Hawaiian vacations". Use words like "tires", "snow tires", "PR 165 14", "studded tires," trailer tires", "aircraft tires", and any other words that might describe your tires.

You can mix your keywords into the text of your ad, or type a bunch at the very bottom of your ad. If you do the latter, make sure to separate the keywords with commas.